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Throughout the year people are having Hair Transplant Surgery 7 days a week at a number of clinics in the UK. On most websites they will have a header saying “Why Choose Us”, this is a very good question that any potential patient should ask themselves . when you strip back all the sales talk and offers and finance deals or any other financial inducements that most companies offer, are you getting what you pay for ?


In the UK we are very lucky to have some of the best Surgeons performing Hair transplant Surgery, across many good companies and clinics throughout the UK people are walking away and achieving fantastic results.


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Your Hair Transplant


We offer two methods of hair transplant: the Follicular Unit Transplant technique – known as FUT or a ‘strip graft’ – and the Follicular Unit Extraction technique, or FUE.


We’ll advise you of the best technique for you.






With us, your procedure doesn’t end when surgery’s over. We’ll check up on your progress and are always here to answer questions.




We won’t talk you into a procedure you don’t need or that won’t work. We’re only interested in ethical, safe procedures that give great results.




We can perform your consultation at your home. And if you need help getting to or from a clinic, we’ll arrange comfortable transportation for you.

Country-wide locations


We have Consultation Suites in major cities around the UK. We only use Care Quality Commission-registered facilities, which means they’re regulated and inspected by the government to ensure the highest standards.


All of our surgeons are GMC-registered, CRB-checked, and members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.


Our Hair Transplant Clinics

Which stage of hair loss are you at?

If left untreated, hair loss is likely to continue and may worsen. With advances in medicine hair loss can be slowed down or halted. Also, whatever has been lost may be recovered.


Treatment depends on your age and sex, family history of hair loss, and the type and speed of hair loss.


A Hair Transplant does not stop progressive hair loss but replaces what has been lost. It is therefore, sometimes necessary to combine different treatments.


Any questions about hair transplant surgery?


We're happy to answer any questions you might have just give us a call free on 0800 677 1969.